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These terms and conditions constitute an agreement between users of this site and Restaurants-in-Denmark.com. These terms and conditions explain the rights and obligations of all users in relation to the services offered by Restaurants-in-Denmark.com.

Before you press the Send Inquiry button at the end of the search process, we kindly ask you to read the terms and conditions. By clicking Send Inquiry, you accept these terms and conditions.

If you have any questions concerning these terms and conditions, we kindly ask you to send us an email at info@restaurants-in-denmark.com.

Using the site
To use this system, you must agree to the following conditions:
Restaurants-in-Denmark.com merely provides contact between you, the user of this site, and the restaurants listed on the site.

The term restaurants refers to the owners of the businesses represented on this site. The site is made available to you for the sole purpose of finding and inquiring about services offered by restaurants – not for speculative, false or fraudulent inquiries.

You cannot make an actual restaurant reservation on this site. You can only inquire about services from the restaurants available.

Any inquiry about a restaurant made through Restaurants-in-Denmark.com will, providing it has been made correctly, be confirmed immediately on the screen as well as through an email to you and to the restaurant of your choice. This email is a confirmation that an inquiry has been sent to the restaurant in question.

Restaurants-in-Denmark.com assumes no responsibility for any errors or discrepancies that may arise subsequently, including discrepancies between the inquiry and the email confirmation. Such discrepancies must be resolved directly between you, the user of this site, and the restaurant in question. Please refer to the section on responsibility and limitation of liability.

It is your responsibility to check all details of the inquiry. If there are any errors in the inquiry, please inform the restaurant in question immediately.

Data and prices
All prices and offers listed at Restaurants-in-Denmark.com are updated by the individual restaurants. Restaurants-in-Denmark.com assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of these prices. Please refer to the section on responsibility and limitation of liability.

All information at Restaurants-in-Denmark.com is updated meticulously. Conference-in-Denmark.com assumes no responsibility for any mistakes made in the process of uploading information, including errors or inconsistencies that may have arisen as a result of the data transmission.

Restaurants-in-Denmark.com merely provides contact between you, the user of this site, and the restaurants listed on the site. Payment for services inquired about through this website must consequently be made directly to the restaurant or restaurants in question.

Any inquiry or dispute concerning requested services or the payment of such services is a matter between you, the user of this site and the restaurant or restaurants in question and consequently irrelevant to Restaurants-in-Denmark.com.

Responsibility and limitation of liability
Conference-in-Denmark.com provides key information about restaurants. This information is provided and controlled by the restaurants themselves. Since Restaurants-in-Denmark.com cannot validate this information nor check if it is updated regularly, Restaurants-in-Denmark.com assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of this information nor for any subsequent changes or dispositions made by the restaurants. Consequently, you cannot present any claim against Restaurants-in-Denmark.com regardless of the basis of such a claim.

Restaurants-in-Denmark.com is not responsible for any disruption, interruption of transmission, Internet connection breakdowns or connection failure to the Internet Service Provider of Restaurants-in-Denmark.com regardless of the cause.

If, despite this limitation of liability, Restaurants-in-Denmark.com is responsible for an occurrence, this responsibility is limited to a refund not exceeding DKK 250.

Governing law and jurisdiction
Any dispute concerning Restaurants-in-Denmark.com will be settled according to Danish Law by the Danish Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen or, should Restaurants-in-Denmark.com so choose, at your ordinary legal venue.

Changes to terms and conditions
Restaurants-in-Denmark.com reserves the right to modify or update the terms and conditions relating to the use of this website without prior notice to you. The most recent version will always be accessible on the website, and when using the site, you accept the most recent version.

Intellectual property rights
Copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights and relations to this site are reserved by Restaurants-in-Denmark.com. No content or data found on this site may be reproduced, sold, transferred or modified without the written consent of Restaurants-in-Denmark.com.

System integrity

The use of any device, action or software that may disrupt or interfere with the running of this site is prohibited. Any action deemed excessive or irresponsible that will overload Restaurants-in-Denmark.com or its infrastructure is prohibited.

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