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Niels Ebbesen's Spisehus

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Storegade 13, 8900 Randers
Tel.: click here
Niels Ebbesen's Spisehus
Have an unforgettable experience with the modern, Danish kitchen at Niels Ebbesens Spisehus which has a special historical atmosphere. Whether you order one of the house's traditional courses or a speciality, we guarantee you an unforgettable taste experience. Fresh primary produces and home-made courses are considered a matter of honour by both the cooks and the waiters. Consequently, you can be certain that the food you order is freshly prepared and consists exclusively of good primary produces of the highest quality.

Our central location close to the evocative Storegade in the heart of Randers gives you and your guests the ideal surroundings for a festive get-together such as bachelor dinners.

The house's historical atmosphere is rooted far back in the Danish history. The myths say that the House of Niels Ebbesen, as the house is called, is situated in the place where Niels Ebbesen in 1340 decapitated The Bald Count, Count Gert. The scuttle in the top floor must always be left open as Count Gert's restless soul cannot settle down. Should it however happen that the scuttle is closed, the house will burn down.

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Generel information
Type: Salad bar, Family restaurant, Steakhouse, Lunch restaurant, Restaurant
Kitchen: Danish, Fish, Vegetarian, Danish open sandwiches, American, Steaks, Christmas lunch specialities
Price level: Medium


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